Jason Gilbert was born in Charlottesville, VA.

After private prep school, he attended Jacksonville University (FL) and then was commission an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he was selected to lead some of the most elite combat and anti-terror units during a 10-year career. Jason also managed major logistics projects, and oversaw a $20 million renovation of all the recruit barracks at MCRD San Diego, and was awarded a medal by the Depot Commanding General for completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Jason separated from active service when his wife passed away unexpectedly, and as a widowed single unemployed father, Jason learned how to do lucrative commercial real estate deals with very little cash, credit or risk.

Soon after, Jason founded the Commercial Training Institute, an education, training, coaching company in the fall of 2008, just as the economy fell into crisis. Jason rapidly became one of the most sought after commercial real estate speakers in the Nation, and in early 2009, he launched his training program online, which grossed over $1.2 million in just 4 days, a record that to this day still remains unbroken in the real estate education niche.

Jason built a world-class, marketing, sales, events, coaching and real estate acquisitions team, and sustained a period of hyper-growth until attaining the 8-figure annual revenue mark by the end of Year Two, with no investors and no debt.

Jason retired to spend more time with family, and now mentors other CEOs and ultra-high achievers on three continents. He specializes in power branding, hyper-growth strategies, and leadership in just about every real estate or business niche there is – Manufacturing, retail, distribution, tech, info-marketing, internet traffic/conversion product and service funnels, product development, patents, IP and licensing, masterminds, etc.

Jason has also negotiated deals in the billions, and is mentored by master negotiator George Ross, the Executive Vice President, counsel and advisor to Donald Trump since Day One of the Trump Organization. Deal makers call on Jason as a last-resort negotiator to save deals that are otherwise considered dead.

Jason is also active in philanthropy and politics in very unique ways . . .

Jason raises money for charities using the same skilled speaking techniques he honed as a highly trained professional platform speaker. Charities simply book Jason to speak to their donors or potential donors for 90 minutes, and there’s a good chance Jason will raise more money for the charity than their other “traditional” high-cost and high-risk auctions, dinners and golf tournaments. Charities keep 100% of the money Jason raises, and the only expense is his travel.

Jason founded Integrity in Politics Academy, because as a Political Science major, Jason realized politics is the ONLY industry where there is no school that teaches how to campaign, win and govern effectively. This fact has contributed to the sad state of politics, and resulting decline of our country. Politics attracts big egos with a thirst for power and money. Aspiring politicians must learn from existing politicians, and are then assimilated into the culture, and beholden to them. Only an institution which has integrity at it’s core, and attracts and trains personalities that are people-first, service-oriented and resistant to corruption can reverse the trend, by flooding the political landscape with a surge of highly-trained, honest, and effective leaders.

Jason has radio broadcasting experience on some of the top radio stations in the biggest cities in America.

Jason values relationships with great people with great ideas that help others.